Saturday, May 3, 2008

Friday Archive....on um Saturday.

Loobylu has started a "Friday Archives" meme. I really like this idea, after going through the trauma of losing most of my artwork from uni, high school and earlier in a flood, it gives me an excuse to dig out the stuff that survived. Looking around the kitchen I saw this drawing of my old cat "Rastus" circa 91. My first ever gift from Mr.BJ was a gorgeous wooden boxed set of coloured Derwents. (Now you know why I married him!) This is the first thing I drew with these beloved pencils.And I had totally forgotten about this ugly mug oil painting by a Frank Salisbury, which was under my "Rastus" picture in its frame.I always check under pictures in old frames to see if there is a masterpiece hiding underneath. So far, no luck! But I have "scored" really well a few times at the odd op shop.

What is Your Best Op Shop Find?

Let me know and put up a pic on your blog.These are mine.........( if I sold them I could probably go on a holiday to London with the proceeds)
Clarice Cliff Bizarre Ware Sugar sifters


  1. WOW! Clarice Cliff @ an Oppie! That is a fabulous find.

  2. That is a pretty fabulous find. Completely unrelated, the reason I logged on is because someone just called me a "lucky duck", and I immediately thought "mmm, that sounds like a new BJD piece to me".

  3. Wow, I think I saw some similar to those on Antiques Roadshow a few years ago. What a score!

  4. Wow for the sugar sifters ! I like the idea of a lucky duck.


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