Monday, May 5, 2008

Cute overload!!!

A lot of baby animal cute caught my eye over the weekend. Firstly, thanks to Dora for her thoughtful message suggesting I create this little fellow... "Lucky Ducky". I already had a ducky on the drawing board, reinforcing my belief that great minds think alike! And secondly , thanks to Jo for sharing a picture of her gorgeous ducky button wristband....he was good inspiration for "Lucky". Saw these plates over here, and have now decided I want the whole set. ( mum's day, hint hint!) They put me in mind of some of Lily's cute plastic toys..... And the "floofy" goodness of my decorative transfers. (More ducky love!)


  1. Lucky Ducky indeed! Love the plates and the plastic toys. Cute stuff.

  2. Oooh, and cute new banner. Or has it been there for ages and I've missed it?

  3. Oh, the ducks are so cute. The plates are great. I would want the entire set as well. Baby animals in general always get me. they are just too darn cute.


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