Saturday, May 17, 2008

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In my "Other Life" as a jewellery designer I used to make pretty, sparkly, girly things.
A bit different to scrabbling around in skips for lino, but an interesting contrast!

1. Bridal necklace for "Victoria Spring"with antique china pendant.
2. Hatpins for "Family Circle"
3. Fruity shiny things for "Family Circle"
4. Charm necklace for "Alannah Hill" with op-shopped trinkets.
Last night "Queen" launched the opening of their amazing new retail space at 75 Smith St. Fitzroy, just two doors down from their old shop. Lots of gorgeous clothing and accessories, glasses of champagne and chitchat! It was a pretty, sparkly , girly experience,( but cool things available for boys too). It's well worth a visit, but make sure your credit card is feeling healthy.

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  1. O I do love knowing about people's "previous lives" ... but am not too keen to disclose my own ... Dora x


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