Friday, May 16, 2008


Laminex is my second favorite material to work with after lino. I often find pieces of cool vintage laminex from old kitchen benches or table tops.
This funny decorated box was sitting in a skip ready to go to the tip. It is covered with colourful laminex samples with very inventive names for all the shades. I think I will just peel them off as I need them, leaving me a sturdy old storage box.

Just the other day I favourited this flickr image from Comfy & Cosy. Amazing retro laminex kitchen tables. Drool!


  1. Yay Laminex! What an amazing find with all those samples!

    We have two laminex settings: one a super cool 1950s blue number and the other a lurid green 1970s one (destined for the back verandah as an 'outdoor setting').

    I'd buy every one I could find if I had the room and J wasn't looking!

  2. I didn't realise that you could use laminex too. My BIL works for laminex, I could try to collect bits and pieces if you're interested.

  3. Thanks curlypops.If it comes in rainbow colours or cool patterns I'm interested!

  4. That laminex covered box is something else. It's a quilt waiting to happen. Is the picture on Flickr? I wanted to favorite it. :)

  5. The quilty laminex box is now on flickr! :-)

  6. what do you do with all the laminex samples?


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