Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Going, Going , Gone.....

These guys are sitting on my table waiting to go to Craft Victoria.
Some of their broochy colleagues have already been delivered to "Petranillas" in Coventry St. Sth. Melbourne today. Nilla has owned this shop for many years.. in the early days when I lived down the road I often bought great vintage clothes from this very shop, lovely 40's jackets and dresses, then went and got my fruit and veg. over the road at the Sth. Melbourne market (usually late Sunday afternoons when it was all going cheap).
I also thrifted a few kids books today including "Pogles' Wood Story Book" which was a popular BBC television series in the late 60's ( I wonder if anyone remembers it?)It featured cute animated puppets and toys and the occasional stuffed owl!I looked it up and the series has it's own official website!


  1. Look at all those lovely brooches. I could have a collection of cats!

    I love that story book. How fun does that tea party look?

  2. Pogles Wood - so funny! A wee bit before my time, but my Nan had some woods across from her house (in England) and we always called it Pogles Wood. Aaah.

  3. Hey Dudley,there is a character in Pogles Wood called Hedgiepig... is that familiar? Your etsy name maybe???!!!


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