Monday, May 19, 2008

The three R's

It's no secret I subscribe to the Three R theory. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
So for this weeks "This Is..."( thanks to Angela of Three Buttons' Mum), my way of recycling can be demonstrated in this article from yesterdays "Sunday Age". Including nice bits from Sam from April May, (who's shop is open all May!) Ellie from Mucke (who has just recently recycled a big pile of Mr. BJ's old shirts into amazing dresses) and Nicole and Lina from "A Name Is A Label"who refashion preloved clothing and fabric into unique new garments.
As well as my craft, we compost, op shop, fill the recycling bin with paper and bottles, and live in a house that seems to be full of perfectly good furniture found on nature strips, at garage sales, or sourced from junk emporiums (even though Mr. BJ works for a prestige furniture company!) Even Bella our cat was pre-loved , rescued from the Cat Protection Society!


  1. Your pre-loved cat is so sweet!

  2. I finally read the paper in bed last night and went ooohh. Yay for you and the article.

  3. I had never thought of a cat as one of the three R's, but that makes perfect sense!

    Do you know if the article is online at all?

  4. my friend texted me sunday morning to let me know that maude was mentioned in the age. imagine my surprise! i had just alighted from an 11hr train ride from KL Malaysia to Singapore when I received that news. it made me a little giddy with happiness! Great plug for all those recycling crafters. :)


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