Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Parcel Guy...YES!

This is a selection of goodies that have arrived on our doorstep over the past week.

1. A lovely broochy gift from Dick and Dora. It's birdies and its orange!!! Look here for stockists.
2. Cuddly teddy scarf that I have only taken off to sleep. From here.
3. A very funkalicious pendant created from an old skateboard. This is were you get them, and other recycled skateboard goodies. (skater not included)
4. Another Blythe doll (Lily's early birthday present)
*And I'm pleased to announce "Lucky Ducky" has found a mother( I forgot to mention he was an orphan) Thank you Bec for giving him a home.


  1. LOVE that Dick & Dora brooch! I collect Blythe dolls too - had no idea you were a fellow collecto!

  2. Cute Brooch, what wonderful mail you have received!
    Cheers Kyla


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