Thursday, May 15, 2008

Swap Meet!

I scored a big pile of swap cards yesterday, including these beauties. I love old swappies and either save them or use them to package my brooches and pedants on. I had an urge, (after seeing others collections in Flickr and blogland) to re-live a girlhood pleasure and get swapping. I have many double ups and think it would be a very fun "Big Girls" it, want it, NEED IT!


  1. ooooh, love the cards you found! How delicious! I too collect swap cards, and regret deeply not holding onto mine.... I don't really know how they disappeared..... I'm thinking of using some of mine as swing tags on my products.
    I have some cards I'd be happy to swap!

  2. You have to sit side by side & speed through the ones you don't want to swap.

  3. oh my gosh - they bring back so many memories of 1970s playgrounds! I think I even had one or two of the cards you show here (the little tiger and the owls look very familiar).

    I long for the wonderful, huge stash of swapcards I had as a child!

  4. Kirsty - you're totally right! There were even a couple of special benches in the playground that were dedicated swapcard seats :-)

  5. Mine were all stuck neatly into a big scrap book. I wonder if they are still "at home", i.e. Mum's place ....

  6. YAY! I'd be up for a swap card swap! It was great to meet you today at our unveiling...

    Angela x


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