Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cuckoo Clock

I've always wondered where my old cuckoo clock went. A lovely ornamental Swiss style one, that didn't actually "cuckoo", but could have with a bit of clock doctoring.
Anyway, I decided to make a lino one.
The cuckoo clock brooch I made a few weeks ago found a home with a very nice person that blogs here. And she is part Swiss!So I used the same idea, but made it bigger with real working hands. And apart from the clock mechanism, this clock is made with totally recycled and pre-loved materials.
The bird in this clock doesn't "cuckoo" either, which is probably a good thing, as I'm sure it would drive every one mad.
This clock will be for sale, but not for a little while, although I am happy to take expressions of interest.


  1. Oh gosh yes - I'm very interested! It's a work of art.

  2. That is awesome work - I agree with michelle. You must be so pleased with it! The shape is just perfect.

  3. Thanks Michelle and Jodie.It will be a shame if I have to part with it,but I hope it finds a lovely home.

  4. wow that is truly amazing! a funky interiors shop should pay you heaps of dollars for a few originals!!!

  5. That is just divine. I want one, yes I do. Are you going to make a few of them?

  6. Gee I love this, your colors and details are just beautiful.

  7. Thanks dudley, bigcat and partridge & pear (cute softie by the way)
    I really want to make a few of these,
    they are tricky,but fun.


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