Monday, June 9, 2008

Remember London.

That's me in London....many moons ago. I traveled right around the world, spent time in quite a few countries, but London was my home base. I loved London, the shops, markets, architecture, creative vibe!! Great memories......
When I met Mr. BJ he was a musician with a plane ticket to London..... but he cashed it in. A fine gesture, but I wished he could have the opportunity again.
Well now he has. An invite to play at Womad in England, leaving in July. I can't go, but I will relive my favorite memories of London vicariously through him.
This weeks "This is" was chosen by "your covers blown".


  1. Great photo. I love the motion of the taxi.

    I enjoyed London too and hope very much to make it back to the UK before the year is out.

  2. Thanks lisa.It's been so long since I looked at my O.S. photos,I'd never noticed the taxi "moving" till this image was on the computer.;-)


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