Wednesday, June 25, 2008


If you have been looking at previous posts you may have noticed some new designs emerging from Betty Jo headquarters. The Forest friends are having a rest for winter ( that would be hibernation) and a little selection of domestic bric-a-brac and treats from around the "Lino Cottage" are popping up here and there. Like this tea cup. Just as I was putting it together the postie delivered a letter containing a little sliver of this pretty red shimmery lino from Silly Gilly.
As Gillian said, "you put it out in the universe that you need stuff, and Whammo, it arrives!"
Thanks blogging universe. It isn't so big really. I had coffee today with a Sydney blogger, Dudley Redhead. Now that's one more blogger I have put a face to.
Another lovely blogger Angela from Three Buttons has asked me to come up with a theme for this weeks "This is". I have raised this topic in an earlier post... and it still holds much relevance.
"This is..... my best op shop find" or thrifted , garaged saled, trash and treasure marketed, side of the road scavenged..... you get the picture. And a photo of said item would be super, but if it's just a memory, let us know about it too.I googled "op shop" for a pic and this image popped up from an 07 article in the Age about "op shop chic" furnishings and homewares featuring Arthurs Circus.....and theres a phone like mine!


  1. Wow, This Is is meant to be!! So many great op shops finds for me to choose from...

    Thank you for your theme, I love it!

    Angela xx

  2. What a great theme...there are so many op-shopped things in my house to choose I just have to work out which is my favourite!

  3. First I spotted a teapot, then a handbag and telephone... and now a teacup... have you just read my mind of things I love?? And your "this is" theme is great too. I picked up a fab find last week at my local op and look forward to showing it off.

  4. I'm going to try and join in on 'this is...' for the first time this week, so yours will be my first 'this is..' theme! It's a good one - I don't know how I'll choose by *best* one though!


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