Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Get the Phone!

Having an old school phone is a challenge at times.... no calls can be made to automated robots, no "Hash" to press, no key in your number..... but life is better with out that major annoyance I believe. I just wait patiently and I get to speak to a real person.
And this one wont ring you from Bombay when you're cooking the dinner!


  1. You are on fire! Look at all the wonderful new pieces you have been making recently - love them! :-)


  2. Lurv the ric rack, the black and yellow buttons but especially the black & white one. Fabulous!

  3. I love that you even have one of these old phones. I thought my parents were the only ones to still have one of these hanging around their home. Can you create whilst you are patiently waiting to speak to a real person????

  4. Love retrophones! Love the little crafted phone you made!

  5. That is one cute telephone brooch!!

    Hey, I hope you don't mind but I've nominated you to suggest our This Is theme for this week!! I hope you can play?

    Angela x

  6. Oh, I have an old red bakerlite phone almost identical to yours. It makes me laugh when I try to dial mobile phones as the spinny-dial takes so long. It has a beautiful ringing sound but won't ring because of the line filter. We never know if someone is calling, aha.

    Cute lino phone.


  7. At first glance, I thought this was your suggestion for This Is, ie. "this is my phone".
    If you can guarantee the no telemarketer bit, I'll gladly buy one!!


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