Monday, June 23, 2008

This is my Favorite Coat......

OK, Here is my new coat from Queen. It fits nicely into the category of my favorite outfit as it is......
a.mainly black b. has a great screen printed design and c. it's a COAT! (I love coats, and scarves)
No full head shots today.It's not often people post photos of their whole selves, even rarer with an accessory shot. One of my reasons for an incognito approach is that just this morning I was standing in Sydney Rd. traffic wearing this coat with the back tucked into my tights......eek!
Thanks to Kitty for this weeks "This is ..." Hey Kitty, hope you enjoy your gelati!The brooch on my coat is a little lino and laminex cottage.
This made me think of all the terrific bloggers that have posted pics of their Betty Jo goodies and NOT ONCE ever shown their faces! Here are some........ 1. Kootoyoo 2. Black Crow 3. Dick and Dora
4. Comfy and Cosy 5. Show your Workings 6. Mel Bombardiere
7. Quilting Mick 8. Vintage RicRac 9. Double Winky
10. Jimmy Trickle 11. Big Cats Emporium 12. Curly Pops
Thanks for spreading the Betty Jo love.


  1. I love the little cottage. It's very english countryside cute.

  2. Your coat is lovely. And I've just seen the clock in your side bar - it's gorgeous! Not in your Etsy shop it for sale? I just love it!

  3. Your blog is amazing!!! Love all the creations etc.

  4. I like to stay incognito in makes me more interesting and mysterious (or so I like to think)!
    Great mosaic!

  5. At least is was only your lovely coat tucked into your tights! When I was a teen I once walked 3/4 of the way to school before I realised my skirt was tucked into my tights round the back. Luckily the tights were the woolly opaque sort. Yikes, what a nightmare!
    Love your red phone and phone brooch!

  6. Thank you muchley everyone.I am taking orders for the cuckoo clock. The newish brooches are going to be available in shops soonish I hope.
    Hey Maude, didn't you feel the breeze around your neither regions? That gave it away for me, as well a truckie perving a bit too sleezily!

  7. That's a great jacket! And I love the skirt you're wearing underneath as well.


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