Saturday, July 26, 2008

It never Rains....

When it was a little bit slow a while ago I put my head down and came up with some new designs, sourced a few new stockists, and generally kept the Betty Jo ball rolling along so I wouldn't have to go back to the day job ( often my biggest motivation!).
Well now I'm swamped. Wouldn't ya know it. But I found time from my brooch and pendant manufacturing to make this Owlie clock for a special order.
Yesterday on flickr BlythesWideShut left a comment on the Owl Clock below(made for Douglas & Hope) saying "The base lino for that owlie is exactly the the same as the lino that was on the floor in our first ever out-of-home rented house in East St.Kilda- wow a blast from my past...". This is exactly the reaction I love to evoke with my work.


  1. I love that, that your lino creations will remind someone of a previous abode - that must be very satisfying!

  2. Yah for being swamped and not have to go back to a normal day job....imagine how dreary that would be!

  3. Go the swamp monster, swamp her under with orders and more orders!! I'm allergic to my 'normal job'.
    Love the two owl clocks. Same design, but such different end results. Just gorgeous and my fave animal too. :D


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