Friday, July 25, 2008


Nothing like presents to brighten your day.From beautiful bloggers. And when they are colourful and cute.....all the better.A gorgeous Nicola Cerini tea towel won from Sam at April May. With PomPoms! It will hang on the wall, and never touch a dish if I have anything to do with it

A cute card from Rubbergob won from the Made It blog. It says"you're winding me up!", which is not an uncommon thought in my day to day dealings with a 13yo & a 5 yo.
And a lovely screen print dolly to sew up from The Royal Sisters. Now I will need to give my much neglected sewing machine a little run, and actually make this dolly...I promise. But the best present was reading this piece by my "cyber swap buddie" and very talented Hannah from Knick Knacks and Ric Rac.She is getting quite a good collection of Betty Jo Lino accessories. Any day now I hope to receive my skirt (swap) from Hannah in the mail. Don't you hate waiting for snail mail!


  1. I saw your stuff in Who Magazine, a recent one, I think it had Nicole and Keith on the front.

  2. thanks so, so, so much for putting up your pressie from us it is very much appreciated.

  3. Having a look at your blog, very inspiring. lovely, really!


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