Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wintertime Blues

Well I'm both happy and sad today.. my beloved has caught a Jet plane to London and I'm stuck home in wintery old Melbourne. But I am sooo excited for him. And happy that his band,"Mista Savona" have built enough cred to score a spot at UK Womad. And some gigs in Turkey!!!
He has been instructed to visit here and try and bring home one of these.....To cheer me up, I have spent some time looking here . And I'm loving everything!And check out Margo Slingerland's click on real buttons!!!


  1. Oh, your Love is a musician too? I know the feeling of being proud and happy for him when he goes on tour, but it's a sad thing to have to say goodbye and stay home yourself. Couldn't you join him, pretend to be a roady? ;)


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