Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bless this Mess

I'm tempted to get this great hand painted plate by trixie delicious and proudly display it . I live in a household of naturally untidy people....I must learn to embrace the clutter and not fight it.
Gorgeous vintage china has been given a cheeky new life in all trixie delicious's pieces. This seven deadly sins plate set would have been 1st on my wedding gift list (if I'd had one)I have an over abundance of mismatched plates and bowls, but have never felt like getting a matching set...This plate is one of my favorites! Called "Down by the Seine" by Alfred Meakin.


  1. I bet I make bigger messes than you. Thanks for the sweet comments,
    Trix xx

  2. i love old favorite at the moment is j&g meakin and it is a square plate called "lost horizon".
    very war time 50's.

  3. I really like your crafts, so cute!!!


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