Sunday, August 17, 2008

Am I Naive?

A lot of the time my work turns out wonky. As in not perfectly symmetrical. As in crooked. As in not too different to my sons figurative drawings.
Once a shop keeper pointed it out and I chuckled and said, that's what you get with my work. They haven't ordered since, but I know every last piece sold.
Once my brooches appeared on "The Bag Lady "and some one commented ......"paha aww there cute. Though a lil like a kiddy mighta made them. Sweet though."
Sweet is good in my book.


  1. Isn't wonky what 'handmade with love' is all about?
    Bah humbug to that shopkeeper.

  2. That wonkiness is what makes them unique. Not that I think they are wonky anyway

  3. I say embrace the wonky. I want to see how pieces are cut and shaped and formed by a real person. What you do is startling and brilliant and unique...and APPRECIATED by people who understand. As for the others, just blow a huge raspberry!

  4. Hmm, let's see who else was a little wonky....

    Van Gogh drew and painted wonky lines.
    Dali drew wonky and wobbly things.
    Willy Wonka was a fair bit wonky.

    I say wonky rocks. Big time.
    Honk it out your ear shop lady!

  5. Wonky is good, neat and ordered is good too. As long as the goods are handmade and haven't started life in a factory.
    As for the shop keeper,I know some people can't relax when a picture is crooked or a mug is hanging the wrong way.I'm not one of those people!!!!!

  6. I think it adds to the charm and makes them more "one-off" and appealing. My Betty Jo bird brooch gets compliments every time I wear it! :D

  7. Hooray for wonky! I know some people who won't even give away something they made if it isn't 100% stright and perfect. How boring is that! The beauty in anything handmade is that it's not perfect and doesn't look like it was made by machines. Obviously your products just didn't fit in with that particular shop keeper's ideas, and who wants to fit in anyway?

  8. Yours always look spot on to me. Things that are too perfect or don't have any small quirks irk me and are less interesting.

  9. I was mobbed at the school the other day (The School - you know the one!), because I'd worn a suzie sparrow brooch.

    It's disconcerting to be speaking with someone, and then to have their eyes drop and their minds impossibly distracted by the wonky loveliness of a suzie.

    I don't think many of your readers are after mathematical symmetry.


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