Monday, August 11, 2008

Come home Dad!

I'm reading this little Golden book to my son more than usual of late....well his dads away and all that.
What I love about this book is the illustrator Ilse-Margret Vogel also wrote and illustrated one of my favorite little Golden books as a girl,"When I grow up".I really need a copy of this. I know I could find it on ebay, but think it would be so much nicer to find it myself in a opshop or school fete.
Or if anyone has a spare copy lying around, I'll swap a Betty Jo brooch for it!!!!


  1. I know. There's something lovely about the golden books we grew up with. I've been trying to find "There's a mosse in the caboose" for my little nephew, but I probably have the title wrong so I can't find it anywhere!

    I wish I had the book you're after. Hope you find it! And if you ever want to do a trade for some Blythe gear, let me know!

  2. I noticed that Footscray Savers has a very large shelf of Golden Books yesterday.
    Hopefully they are not all hideous Disney Golden Books (I didn't have time to look)- you could try there........

  3. Well, lookie here!

    A desperate Golden Book reader just hankering to get their hands on a certain copy. Boy, I know that feeling well, being the LGB addict that I am.

    You know you could have probably asked me with a fair bit of certainty that I would have it. I do have a very rude number of them now.

    I'll donate mine if you like?!

  4. Oh and Michelle, the book I think you're after is 'A Dragon In A Wagon'. I have a copy of that one but it's my husband's fave so unfortunately can't give that one away! :P
    But I did find my copy on Oztion so you could look there?

  5. Sorry I don't have that Golden Book but I will keep an eye out for it

  6. don't have these but i read "we help daddy"
    and "we help mummy" to little miss.


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