Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bag Ladies are Nice Ladies

Thanks goes out to 2 talented bag manufacturers for writing about Betty Jo on their blogs.
Jaime Beattie from Paisley St Clair makes purses and bags that are so beautifully finished with colours that are amazing. I am a dedicated follower of bright colour and luscious fabric and as you can see Jamie has a great mix of vintage prints and cute designs. Check out her shop. Bag Lady extraordinaire Kara Smith has hit the big time with a great story in Living Creatively. Her bags are dreamy and all made with recycled vintage fabric that has had another glamorous life. I was drooling after seeing an amazing collection for sale at in.cube8r.
All Kara's bags are unique and are adorned with pretty vintage buttons...look at those leaves!


  1. squeal! love your jewellery.

  2. Oh, you're most welcome! And thanks for the mention. I absolutely adore your brooches and pendants. If you ever want to do a trade just let me know.


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