Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cuckoo Clock Surprise!

A Custom Order for a lovely girl in Qld. I sent a warning that if she wanted a SURPRISE, dont look on Flickr. But, like me she couldn't wait and had a sneaky peek.
I would always want to know..I'm not big on surprises. The end of a movie or book, a present, even the sex of my kids....I just need to know. There are too many surprises in life already.
That said, I liked not knowing the twist in the "Sixth Sense"!


  1. Liz, it's absolutely gorgeous!!!!! What a surprise!!!

  2. stunning.. it is just stunning.
    love the colour combo everything.
    i must admit i'm not very good with suprises either.
    i like a bit of pre-warning.

  3. When is a cuckoo clock not a cuckoo clock........?
    I love surprises! I need need whomever is trying to surprise me to be very very good at keeping a secret! t.x


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