Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Funky Floor Finds

Even though I use vintage lino that's been previously walked on, spilt on, danced on and probably crawled on, nothing is nicer than seeing it in it's original glory.Funky op shop floor in Reservoir. I may have to stalk this shop if they ever decide to renovate!

And speaking of funky, Funky Finds is having it's monthly giveaway, and Betty Jo will be giving away a piece of unique lino jewellery....more info here. This Pip the Pony Pendant featured won't be a prize because she just went to live with the lovely Gaye from GayeAbandon. (See my Buy One, Get One Free Offer here).Gaye donated the lino used to make this Pip several years ago, and sadly, I'm well and truly down to the last piece.


  1. That Op Shop floor is to die for. You must have wanted to rip some of it up on sight.

  2. Oh it breaks my heart to think someone might rip up that floor. We rescued most of our kitchen from skips - and many many people suggested we might put it right back again - until it was all cleaned up and fitted! I think you should give them your phone number just in case - on a weekly basis! t.x


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