Sunday, August 31, 2008

Designer Lino

This is arguably the cutest vintage lino I have ever seen. Discovered in a renovation here.
My best source of lovely vintage lino is from period houses that have been given the old polished floor boards make over. Hooray for this most ubiquitous form of renovation.If ever I found some gorgeous vintage lino, I would repolish my floor boards, then lay it down again as a linoleum rug. Like this clever designer.
Or even better, keep it in all it's 1940's glory.


  1. what a great idea.i love the polished floors and the lino strip it looks fantastic.i remember a house we had where i found old lino under the carpet and spend 3 hours at a time scrubbing a 1 metre square it took forever.unfortunatley it still looked rather worn out.but was still better than the crappy carpet.

  2. The lino rug is definitely the coolest floor covering ever!


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