Monday, September 1, 2008

This is....Outlook

A regular visit to Outlook is always on the cards when I'm itching for supplies. You never know what you'll find, but this morning I hit the jackpot. Well it helps that I know Tracy at the gatehouse who sent me a text telling me she'd saved a pile of gorgeous floral lino from going into land fill.
It's like a hard rubbish collection all sorted for you, and I don't mind paying as it is a social enterprise dedicated to creating opportunities for disadvantaged people through employment, training and social integration.
It's my first stop for supplies for Betty Jo designs.The pretty vintage lino, perfect for Spring.
Some other goodies, orange pyrex (nice) and some retro ties for Fathers Day... I will insist they are worn at least once.

Later.... Coats and Handbag just made . The handbag is a present for Tracy for rescuing the lovely lino. It's made with said lino and a vintage buckle bought at her little bric-a-brac shop in St. Georges Rd. Northcote.


  1. did I not know about this place? Thank you Liz!

  2. That lino is so beautiful. Very spring. How can someone think that is worth throwing out?? Craziness.

    Makes me wonder if there is any vintage lino at our equivalent of the outlook market.........

  3. Great find. I love the tip shop - must get back there soon!

  4. the ties are a great idea the siller the better.i really wish they had places like that here..

  5. Wow....what a great place, so off the radar compared to more mainstream favs
    thanks Sharon

  6. thanks chicky! i had no idea this gem was around, i know where i'm going tomorrow!

  7. precious and sweet - I would love a winter coat like one of these (real size).

  8. my bf worked at outlook for a few months he brought lots of presents home everyday,have you seen there new spiffy store its alot smaller and cleaner, i prefer rummaging the prices go a bit crazy sometimes then go back down kinda like savers


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