Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Going Cuckoo

I have been making quite a few cuckoo clocks lately.The brooch above is for "Collect@Object" in Surry Hills. I like doing special orders, especially when I have some imput from the customer.
I have a clock brooch in "cool silvery" colours ready to send to Sydney, and below is a sneak peek of a large wall clock in progress (no ticking please) with a Woodsy, Autumny theme.
Can't give too much away as yet.


  1. Firstly Love the skirt, just had to check out the shop, oh look there is a nice green one!!I'll put it into my favourites for now!!
    Great idea the cuckoo clock! relieved they don't tick. My mum has one that drives me cuckoo, so much so that during the night I have to stop the pendulum.
    Great to see productivity during winter!

  2. My goodness. Somehow your blog fell off my radar and I haven't caught up in ages.

    You are doing so much great work. Can't wait to see what's going on with the clocks. They are my favourite at the moment.


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