Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Patience is a Virtue.

I'm pretty patient. I wasn't always, but motherhood knocked some into me.
So I was patiently waiting for my "Made with Love by Hannah " skirt to arrive for what seemed like weeks.
It arrived yesterday, but it had been on a bit of an adventure to Bangkok! It's so beautiful it was well worth the wait.
And it came with this gorgeous felty bluebird brooch, and a bonus mushroom pendant..CUTE!
Thanks Hannah, I feel very spoilt.
Speaking of spoilt ,Cass from Snailblazer, who won my giveaway last month sent me one of her amazing grab bags, made from the pillowcase I sent her...so clever. And a cute little note book made from a recycled Richard Scarry book!
I have also been patiently waiting for my internet to get back on track for a few days so I can post my This Is.......Although I don’t have any amazing trade secrets as such. Very sharp cutters, and very strong adhesive (two part epoxy resin ) are vital.
As I come from the more-is-more school of artistic endeavour, I do believe strongly in surrounding myself with much colour and busyness, loads of books, and as many potential materials as possible. My studio is overflowing with rainbow hued jars and tins of buttons and beads, lino of all description and draws spilling over with doilies and embroidered tablecloths.
So in two words....Get Inspired!


  1. Oh my lordy your studio is delicious! So much wood and interesting tins and nick nacks. Love it!
    Nice top, looks great!

  2. Love the grab bag, so craft from a pillowcase

  3. oh your new goodies are delightful!!!
    the extras are such a sweet little gesture too...how dear!

  4. I so love those skirts and have had my eye on one for a while. Looked great, even if all you had to give up for one was a little bit of patience


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