Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Three things......

There are three things making me smile today. Thanks for the idea Royal Sisters.
1. Mr BJ returned home from the UK. Happy and full of stories. One of my lovely pressies was this brooch.And just check out this vintage shop in Istanbul. Scored a few pressies from there too.2. Craft Victoria is exhibiting some amazing members work at the moment for" In the Making", and I'm just thrilled to be a part of it. Check out the catalogue to see what I mean. The retail shop at Craft Vic "Counter" has some fresh Betty Jo brooches too(featured on their blog Clog)".3. My baby sister, who is almost as good an op shopper as I, gave me three Owlie gifts.


  1. thanks so, so, so much
    for putting a mention of our blog again very sweet of you.
    every time i look at your blog it makes me want to be in melbourne i love op shopping and miss that fact that there is not really any choice here in the sticks.
    just had a "older" friend come back from a weekend in melbourne and she said she could have gone mad in the op shops but then realized that she couldn't wear that type of clothes in the country.
    they would look a her in a funny way she said...

  2. Lots of lovely goodness has come your way.

  3. oh I do love those owls, what a lovely baby sister you have!!

  4. Wow, great collection of Owls there.. I love owls myself but I have always have a special fondness for your Owl Lino creation... Lovely... Nice to meet you.. Im new to the blogging world...
    Daniela X


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