Sunday, September 7, 2008

This is a Music Mixed Bag.

On Fathers day I thought I would cheat a little and not recall my first live music experience, but my most life changing one.
In March 1990 The Cruel Sea played their first shows in Melbourne. I went to every one, but the gig at the Esplanade Hotel in St.Kilda was the most memorable. After the show I was introduced to the "fill in" bass player, and like a modern fairy tale we have been together happily ever after. Now that's the best band merchandise I've ever come across.
Today (with 2 kids later) we celebrated Fathers day with breaky in bed for the 15th time.
As for my first record , I can't quite remember, but I know I had"Fleetwood Mac" and "Rumours"as a teen. At first I liked FleetwoodMac , until my parents decided they liked them too (but not so much as to call my little sister Rhiannon thank heavens.) So I gave them up and started to listen to the Clash, X-Ray Spex and Elvis Costello. My girl friend and I pretended we were in a punk band and coined the term "Stevie Nicking" to describe when girls in the floaty tops and skirts were free form dancing.When I did like them I painted this picture at High school , straight from the record sleeve.
I listened to "Rumours" the other day, lots of memories.
I do like the Mac's stylings back in their heyday. Nice sensible high waists and very floaty Boho frocks. Ooo we could be in 2008. Thanks to Curlypops for this weeks "This is".


  1. What a great story. I don't know anyone who has a partner who is a rock star. It's too cool.

    I loved the Cruel Sea back in the 90's.

  2. OMG you have the best band story ever!

  3. what a great story...way to go you groupie...
    love the picture you did in high school...have a great fathers day...

  4. The girls look beautiful don't they, I love the hair!


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