Friday, September 5, 2008

Button Love

Have I posted about Buttons before? I thought so. Because I use so many in my work I sometimes feel all buttoned out. ( I haven't dreamt about buttons yet thankfully).

So when I was looking at my favorite Flickrite Double Winky's latest thrifted Bakelite buttons, I got a bit lightheaded with all the possibilities . But I'm sure most crafty people would too.These are my freshly buttoned Owlie Pendants.(Eight from a group of twenty) Yes I've been busy button wrangling today , but now its time to hang out the washing.


  1. Delicious buttons - You can never have too many!

  2. hello - I have seen your great stuff around the place and love it to bits.

  3. Nothing is better than some vintage buttons...I found some at the oppy today.

  4. peg buttons..they are the cutest..i could think of a few things those would look great on.maybe a blackbird and a maid with a peg on her nose...

  5. Oh my, the buttons, the owls... I need a cup of tea to recover - or maybe a gin! Too much - I'll definitely have button dreams tonight! t.x

  6. You have some really lovely buttons there! I will be taking some pictures of my few buttons, I have a little idea for them. The thing is, I can't bear to use them a lot of the time, so I just hoard them! Argh!!!
    Must use buttons!!!
    Lovely pictures of your owls too, very cute! :D


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