Monday, September 22, 2008

This is ...

I have worked in many fields, and feel extremely happy where I am right now. Creating things has always been what I've wanted to do. Having my studio at home makes it easier to juggle work and life, but I sometimes think about the job paths I could have followed.......
The job of my dreams would be working in props for theatre, film or telly. I got a taste for it when I had a brief stint working on Baz Luhman's "Moulin Rough" at Fox in Sydney. Numerous hours were spent creating an elaborate beaded curtain for Satine's (our Nic's) boudoir. If you watch the movie you can see it for oh 5 seconds! Unfortunately the 10 hour days made it hard being a working parent.
There's no manual telling you how to juggle working and motherhood. It's a fine line between personal fulfillment, and going slightly bonkers. You think you've found the perfect balance, then things always conspire to make it a challenge. But life's interesting like that!


  1. What happened to the beaded curtain?I always wonder what happens to the pieces used in movies.

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  3. I can only guess the bead curtain has ended up in a storage warehouse at Fox (or at someones house if they were canny enough to grab it!)

  4. wow it would be amazing to work on something like that...
    i can understand how you feel about work and kids...
    its really hard to juggle the two things and when you feel all wonderful about your career you end up feeling guilty about the kids...
    it's nice as they get older and it lets you have a bit more time to fullfill those dreams...

  5. I'm sure the curtain was wonderful but I've never seen the movie so I'm delighted you're making your yummy bits and blogging about them! t.xx

  6. Wow! I'm so impressed that you had that glamorous job. Well it sounds very glam anyway. I think what you do now is pretty awesome though.


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