Saturday, September 20, 2008

Magic Mike II

Robots are good. My son is begging to see Wall-E the movie. I'm more than a bit excited as well!
Our big toy robot is called "Magic Mike II" and he has his two robotic friends with him, Regis and Gadget.This is Regis....
and this little guy can fit in the palm of my hand. He has elasticised joints for posing. See his John Travolta move!


  1. i just saw the right up for this movie and it had 5 to love pixar...

  2. Love them all! That yellow guy has definitely got the moves! Radio 4 reviewed the movie -very good, go and see it, then don't buy all the plastic objects afterwards! I do wonder if most of the stuff Wall-e is clearing up might not be Disney related! But we bought it anyway.... ho hum! t.x

  3. I just adore robots. I don't know what it is about them, but I love 'em. Your yellow robot is a cutey! Can't wait to see Wall-E! There hasn't been a pixar movie I haven't enjoyed.


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