Monday, September 15, 2008


Last night I went to a Tupperware party. Ok I admit it. I was a tupperware virgin. That's not counting the one I went to when I was 18.Then it was more about the party, and less about the tupperware .I really, really like tupperware. I have some random vintage pieces, like this Tuppercanoe, but now I am the proud owner of a set of Modular Mates and a Happy Chopper!
Of course I much prefer the repurposed Tupperware jewllery by Liana Kabel.And these Tupp-a-lamps are pretty special. From here.


  1. ohhhhh.havn't been to a tupperware party in ages.really hope they had games,that is always so fun and dorky at th same it...

  2. Yay for Tupperware. Coincidentally I've just posted a pic of my recent finds too! Love the boat, haven't seen one of those before.

  3. Did you ever see any photos of the garden designed using tupperware as all of the supports and decorations? That totally blew me away, can't find a link for you tho

  4. i've never been to a tupperware party!
    want those tupperware lamps though..... ;-)

  5. they still make tupperware?! Love those lights - but I worry - do they smell when they get over warm? And if they do what do they smell off? Vintage trifle and jelly rings?!t.x


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