Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Buttons as things!

My son wanted to sort buttons yesterday and these are some he picked out as his favorites. My favorites are the blue glass Scotty dog and the blue glass tennis rackets.
If you want to know some facts about buttons read this button workshop by "abuttonlady". The proper term for my buttons is "realistic". Some of her yummy bakelite buttons below.One of her missions is to help people avoid using valuable buttons for craft projects.
I know I might be guilty of this, someone out there could have a Betty Jo brooch with a button 6x the value of the actual piece! So sorry "abuttonlady", I'm not an expert. I just love buttons!


  1. sometimes i think twice about putting a really nice button on something especially if i have only one.but usually i just go "oh bugger it" why not.love your selection the little ruler and pencil are cute...

  2. What is wrong with putting a nice button on a craft project? They were made to be used! I think it is possible to be too precious about things! I think any button would increase in value if it were part of a betty jo brooch - whatever it's original worth! t.xx


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