Thursday, October 9, 2008

Annual TeddyBears Picnic

'Once all my old and rescued teddies lived in my son's room, but now they are in a basket in the garage as they started to over populate. They get to play every so often when a teddy bears picnic is organised. The latest happened on our first nice day of spring.

This one was from here exactly a year ago.


  1. A fantastic tradition. I think we should have one of those with my Girl Guides this term. Sounds fabbo.

  2. love a teddy bear picnic...
    i use to have them all the time when i was young...
    now with little miss we have to have barbie picnics...

  3. It makes me think of the book "Dougal the garbage dump bear"

  4. "Dougal"is easily in my top 10 picture was first my daughters, now I read it to my 5yo.
    The end makes me tear up every time!


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