Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hoo won?

Today I'm celebrating Owls. They are still winning hearts in Crafty land and I owe a lot to the Owl.
This week I sold an Oscar Owl to an American customer, which is the first O.S. sale for my little etsy shop.
There are two nesting Tawny Frogmouths in parks near me. (Not owls, but in the family!) which is also a first. It's a buzz to see the big fluffed up mums on their flimsy little nests of sticks.
I have seen some very cute and interesting owls here and there on the web and these are some....

1. Cute vintage ceramic Owls from Paperdolls for Boys
2. U sew Can owl card kit from Dudley Redhead.
3.This very decorative tattoo on the guy from Owl Movement.
4. Nail Art Owls by Puple.And finally it's time to announce the winner of lonely owl brooch (who is not so lonely any more). I did a random draw and so it's Congratulations to Megan from Mellimoomoo. I'm sure owlie will feel right at home in amongst your lovely vintage wallpaper in Betty Jo's bestest, favorite place-Byron Bay!
And as a last minute gesture,there is a consolation prize. Tawit's girlfriend Tawoo is going to a lady after my own heart. Big Cat's lovely Mum who not only collects owls, but rescues lonely, tatty teddies from the op shop. I have dozens of motley old teddies found amongst the op shop toys over the years.


  1. Oh that is so sweet. She'll be so wrapped. I can't wait to ring and tell her.

    Thanks Betty-Jo. You're the best.

  2. That's just so sweet! What a great giveaway.
    PS Congrats on the OS Etsy sale..fantastic news.

  3. Woohooo! Thank you, how exciting! I am preparing a littl wallpaper nest straight away for the little lovebirds xoxo

  4. I mean lovebird (singular) :) Betty-Jo I have a little friend I can introduce Tawit to so he won't be lonely... assuming he and Tawoo have an open relationship?
    megan xo

  5. congrats to the lucky winners...
    its nice to see there so excited and keen to get there new bettyjo treasures...
    it looks like they have found really special homes...

  6. Tawoo's going to have all the men in the Owl collection trying to woo her for sure. We'd better get an open relationship worked out mellimoomoo.


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