Friday, October 3, 2008


Blogtoberfest Button
I'm slapping some knees and cheeks in Blogtoberfest with Ms. Big Cat. I've kicked off the festivities with a giveaway, and may even try to post everyday ( but no promises).

I found these pics of me in Munich from yonks ago, getting involved with the Oktoberfest beer festivities. I just went for the "small" glasses of Heineken. I was even dragged around the Heineken Factory, and felt obliged to try the free samples! For the record,I don't even drink beer that much these days.

A friend and I are playing around with a Betty Jo card design.....but we need to work on the levitating lamp a bit more!


  1. Love that card, it's so 'you' - colourful, ecclectic and cute to boot!

  2. oh octoberfest how I forgot about thee....sleeping in a carpark (yes we stayed at a converted carpark that was a temporary youth hostel) drinking too many steins, chipping a tooth, losing a camera and other embarassing tales. To be 22 again, or perhaps not.

  3. Yep,22 was the time of backpacking, no hangovers, bizzare youth hostels,
    odd companions, trips?on the Mediterraean sea and I can't remember what else.......

  4. I never was much of a beer drinking either. I always felt left out though.

    Love the new card. Speaking of cards, we should get together for a coffee some time. I just picked up the most amazing collection of vintage swap cards at an auction last week.


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