Thursday, October 2, 2008


'Every year Counter at Craft Victoria has a colour themed Christmas exhibition, and this year its Red!
In past years I have made blue, yellow and green coloured Betty Jo goodies for Counter's festive season, with some great vintage lino and my huge button stash.
So as I had some free time last night I pulled my reddy coloured button jar off the shelf and made a few pieces.Very Christmassy, with all the red, but that's OK.
Speaking of red, and specifically blood red, that's what was coming out of the squishy bit of my palm just below my thumb this morning. It was my blood, from a chance meeting with a very sharp kitchen knife. I still don't know how bad it is because I haven't wanted to look. But I can't hold pliers. I love my pliers and I'm a little bit stuck.
I soldiered on alright until someone mentioned stitches, and I got a bit woozy.....

Oh, and don't forget to leave a comment if you want to win the lonely baby owl brooch. He needs a home.


  1. nice i love the colour...well at the moment burgundy...but that pretty darn close...
    been away so i will pop back a post and leave a comment....

  2. Ooooh, Red! Red is Good!!

  3. Love the red theme.I hope your cut heals up quickly!!!

  4. I love red and I love owls...but I don't like blood very much!!

  5. eek, after boiling up fake blood on Tuesday for Miss 17's media movie I then took to myself accidentally with the rotary cutter -OUCH.
    Hope your healing !!!

  6. OOoo we could enter Stubbsies "The World Of Pain" Not enough females admit to their OUCH moments, where as the blokes seem proud of them!


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