Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Buckle Up

Having trouble keeping up with Lino Forest? Wondering why there's been a fresh post everyday? Well it's because of Blogtoberfest, initiated by Big Cat's Emporium.
I must say it's been a challenge to post everyday, but fun too. November will come around all too soon, and the Christmas rush will begin (hopefully) so there will be far less blogging and far more making at Betty Jo headquarters.Dear Fii just sent me these delicious buckles, and I had fun last night making a few baby Owls and an Aunty Mabel's Handbag. It's so nice to receive crafty gifts in the mail..thanks Fii.
Because I mention Owls alot on Lino Forest, and in case people are thinking I have an over the top owl collection at my house.... for the record,I have a fair amount of owls, but I wouldn't get on "Collectors". I don't have a designated owl room or anything that obsessive. Just some scattered around the place here and there. Looking cute and Owlish.


  1. I love the new red owl...gorgeous!

  2. Those baby owls are so cute. My Mum has her owl collection all over the house. Hundreds and hundreds of them. She could definitely go on the Collectors.

  3. keeping track of posts in october has been mind much fun thou...

  4. i wish i could keep up with the blog a day. I've tried, but a couple of times have fallen behind. well, get up and keep going i guess.
    i actually just posted an owl. My grandmother used to collect them. They were everywhere in her house.

  5. This is really nice stuff indeed


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