Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fun, Love and Goodies!

The "Betty Jo" blog was aptly described by Frankie as a one full of fun, love and goodies.
Here I try and focus on nice things. I don't feel comfortable talking about life's personal issues to strangers (although I know friends read it too). It's much more relaxing to be in a happy space, laugh, and look on the bright side.....I have always been the optimist in our family.
That said, I totally appreciate that others find blogging helpful when they need to unload their burdens. There is a very supportive network in blogland. So if you're in need of some pick-me-up gorgeousness, check out these lovely hand crafted Birdcages by Fun is always in style.To buy on Etsy or to admire on Flickr. I can picture some Betty Jo Sparrows living in these beauties.
And I totally agree with the notion..FUN is always in Style.

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  1. yes i think twice when i put up a post...(do i really need to pour it all out) for a second i might feel good, but then i would probably want to go back and erase it...much better to keep it fun and bright...
    love your colourful bright world...


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