Saturday, October 11, 2008

Old Stuff, Cool Designs.

Some very useful vintage items came my way this week.....mainly thanks to Internet land!
I received an email from the thoughtful Anna telling me about a big pile of this old linoleum out the front of a demolished house near me. So I swung by and picked up a big piece. It could be dated with this newspaper laid underneath.1961

I was lucky enough to get in quick to purchase this lovely shoulder bag by CurlyPops. Great 70's tablecloth panels, and finished with neat orange corduroy. I also won this excellent mint 1978 tea towel from "Hanging with my Nomies".

And on an annoying goosechase to the dishwasher spare parts supplier I stopped off at an oppy en route and picked up some vintage aprons. Very homemade, in a yr 9 textiles kinda way, but may come in useful for the giveaway I have planned to round off Blogtoberfest...stay tuned.


  1. oh what great the fabric on the aprons...especially the blue flower one or maybe the them both...

  2. oh how i want to jump in your car -it sounds like fun-and your aprons are fantastic-how good is op shopping-

  3. Love that lino! Isn't it cool that people give you hot tips.

  4. Hi! Owlie has arrived safely... he is very happy and so am I! Thank you so much Liz. Come see what he has been up to already :)Oh, and these finds are great - love the lino, love the newspaper clipping especially.
    Cheers, Megan


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