Sunday, October 12, 2008

This Book is a Winner!

I Love this book. I bought it for my daughter, but it was really for me. Now I read it to my son, and never fail to tear up by the end. Jodie said my family Teddy Bears picnics reminded her of this book. Find it to read, kids or no kids.
Speaking of garbage, dumps and rescuing, this Owl clock has been fashioned from my freshly rescued lino, saved from ending up at our local garbage dump.


  1. love the owl clock...that lino pattern is great...
    will mention a book i bought little miss recently called "olivia" by Ian Falconer...
    it has the most amazing drawings very unusual and so much of the story reminds me of little miss, quiet funny...i think there is a christmas one coming out too...
    little miss likes 3 books every night but she would stretch it to more if she could...

  2. Look at that pretty floral lino you've used for his sweet!

  3. That clock is so great. I really love your large scale Betty Jo stuff.

  4. ooh I forgot to mention there is a sequel as well.

  5. Yes Michelle, we have a 3 book bedtime story limit here.
    Hey Jodie,I have actually planned a Dymocks spendathon this week.Did you know there was a Dougal stage production at the Opera House!
    Thanks Curly and bigcat, clocks are very fun to make!

  6. Hello lovey did you get the tea towel? just want to make sure not that i dont trust the postie or anything. Love the colour combination your a hoot get it! hoot! ......i know i know (bows head and walks away quickly).

  7. Oooh, I love this book, my niece has it. How fab is the owl clock!

  8. I love that book. I brought that one for my mum who is a teacher and the kids loved it.


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