Friday, October 17, 2008

Pink Month.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I really want to show my support and raise awareness of breast cancer. Without going over the top, I think breasts are sacred.Mine helped me feed and nurture 2 babies!
I've made this pink buttony necklace and bracelet to sell with the proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Fund.
My love of buttons stemmed from the hours I spent fossicking in my late grandma's beautiful wooden button box. My lovely grandma succumbed to breast cancer almost 20 years ago, not wishing to have surgery or treatment, believing her time had come. It was hard on the family, but a brave thing to do.My Mum inherited the button box and has let me use some of the buttons in my designs.
My Mum has fought breast cancer too. She decided to have surgery, treatment and medication, and with her strength and positive outlook, she seems to have beaten it.
I bought the doilies in the necklace at an op shop recently, and when I mentioned I was going to cut them up , a look of horror passed over the elderly ladies face. My grandma worked in an op shop, but would have totally "Got"what I was doing. She would be pleased that I have used some of her buttons in my creative pursuits, especially now I am embracing the kitsch and quirky in a lot of my work. My grandma had a lot of kitsch.
It was fun pulling down my jar of pink buttons and designing these pieces.Luckily a friend had just rescued some big pieces of pinky lino from going to land fill, and the musk-stick colour is very lovely. It was totally unintentional, but the the circular components of these pieces remind me of breasts.Mmm, am I looking too hard?!These pieces will be for sale at Lino Forest's Corner Shop. P.O.A.


  1. bueitifull! yup look like boobies to me too! hehehehe

  2. The pieces are absolutely beautiful!

  3. These pieces are amazing. It's such a worthwhile cause to support.

  4. gorgeous and made with such sweet sentiment.

  5. Exquisite!

    I've made it 'Blogtoberfest Fave Friday' play along if you like...check out my post. xx

  6. Breast cancer took my MIL, my daughter Iris is named after her
    to honour her memory
    she was a most courageous woman!

    what a Beautiful set....I hope it sells well :)

  7. It is absolutely grandma died from breast cancer in 1985 and she fought hard for years. One of my friends from work has beaten it twice (first in her 30's and then in her 40's) and has had a double masectomy. Thanks for supporting such a great cause


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