Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have been inspired by BigCat's swapcard album score to show a few of the favorites in my albums. These are the swappies I would never use for swing tags or packaging.The Scottie dog and terrier pages are my faves....Sorry Scottie brooch, you wont be living on any of these.
A surprise comment arrived on my blog last night from I Heart Crafts based in Dublin. Gillian had awarded Lino Forest a "Proximidade Award" or "Friendship Around the World Award" which highlights blogs that are special in some way and extends the hand of friendship around the world!I will pass the award on to these very nice international bloggers,
Knick Knacks and RicRac, Cuteable, Chocolate Circus, Ophelia Golly, and Ness Donelly
Go and pay them a visit.


  1. What a lovely gift to receive. You so deserve it.

    I'm looking forward to our swap meet too. Those Scotties are awesome.

  2. i feel so nigh-eve that before blogging i had never seen these kind if cards...

  3. awww...thanks for the sweet nod forward! that's swell!!


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