Saturday, November 22, 2008


Flickr cracks me up sometimes. I posted this pic. of my Onion and Lettuce salt and pepper shakers here . But unlike amanda jeans ones.....

my Miss Lettuce doesn't have a body. How could this be?

This is how pamma la summed up the dilemma .....
"I believe what we have here is a classic "Baby Jane" scenario.
Where the once famous Miss Scallion's career was cut short when her sister Miss Lettuce, lost her entire body in a terrible wheel barrow accident...
See how pissed Miss Scallion looks!?
She resents having to wait on Miss Lettuce hand and foot.
SHE was supposed to be the pampered one.
SHE was supposed to be a S T A R!"


  1. I beleive she is right! that seems like the only obvious explanation!

  2. Oh that's hilarious!


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