Saturday, November 1, 2008

Onward to Xmas....

Right, the Witchy Poo hat has been put away till next year, and now all roads lead to December.
It was cute seeing my big "Minnie Mouse" taking my little "Ninja" out for his first Trick or Treat experience last night. I must admit I was gobsmacked at the lolly haul they arrived home with. And money too. Would you give this kid money?Some well organised shops have already stocked up on Betty Jo goodies for Christmas. Scally and Trombone ( 331 Brunswick St. Fitzroy) is rolling in new brooches, and a few more are making their way to Irving Baby in Adelaide today. And a new kid on the block is opening in High St. Northcote very soon. Stocking Betty Jo....Stay tuned!!By the way, if any stockists are reading this... get your Xmas orders in soon, as Betty is getting B-U-S-Y!
*Don't forget to check out Betty Jo's Giveaway here...

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