Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's the Sweetest Gift

Hand Made gifts are the sweetest! Hand Made gifts bought online are sweeter still. No yucky Shopping Malls. No icky piped Muzak. And a great way to spend your nice present from Mr. Rudd if your lucky enough to get one.
Betty Jo goodies are available online at these cool places......
Georgie Love
Ambiguous Horse
Moose Art for Living
Betty Jo Designs Etsy
But I know some people like to see their purchases in real life before they buy. I am totally in agreement with this preferred way to shop. Just click on the Betty Jo Stockists link to find the closest Bricks and Mortar supplier near you!
Check out this link to Craft Victoria for a beautiful selection of crafty gifts under $50. Like these Betty Jo brooches.


  1. mmm yumo that ice cream looks delish!

    got your message but unfortunately I dont sell my stuff
    I am happy to send you soem of that fabric though so you can make some of the decorations yourself
    I have heaps of it
    just post your address as a comment and I will send it off tomorrow *I will of course not publish your addy on my blog :)

  2. Hear hear to online handmade crafty shopping. I tackled a shopping centre yesterday...aaaggghhh


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