Thursday, December 4, 2008

What I need......

Some of these magical elves to sneak in at night and whip up a few brooches. My son keeps leaving them presents in the garden, but none have turned up as yet......too busy me thinks.
More size 9 knitting needles for brollies.....
Rain Go Away Brollies
Which will mean a few op-shopping expeditions. Oh well , it must be done.
And some more strawberry buttons for critters to hold . Spotlight here I come.


  1. If the elves help you get through christmas , could you send them over here after?

  2. Aaah, yes, op-shopping. Soemone's gotta do it! Have fun out there... Love the knitting needle handles. Clever and cute.
    And, about those elves. I'm next in line for them, ok?

  3. got to love those elves...
    and you poor dear...op shopping is the worse...all the stuff to look through all the old patterns, piles of material, not to mention swinging by the crockery section...but alas it must be done...and i think your the right person for the job...


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