Monday, December 15, 2008

Up the Country

The Betty Jo clan headed up the country on the weekend for a lovely friends Birthday bash.We stayed in these 100+ year old buildings...didn't see the resident ghost this time???The kids had a ball.Popped into the Mill Markets in Daylesford on the way home. Wow, vintage overload.Some Betty Jo feathered friends made with Daylesford linoleum. Yep, I can't go anywhere without stumbling across old lino!


  1. How cool that you found lino as well!

  2. what a cool place to stay...
    love old places like that...

  3. Is that a rented building or a friend's place? Looks great!

  4. My friends family owns the buildings and heaps of land around them. With tank water, wood burning stoves and no power or phone connection....very back to nature!

  5. I love that you find lino everywhere you go!!
    Cool haunted house. Looks like a fun weekend was had.


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