Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Please Explain

I am going to confess a few things. I rarely ever read instructions. So there is equipment in our house that may do wonderful things , but will remain a mystery to me unless I force myself to find out. "Too busy" is my excuse.
I also don't fully understand the ins and outs of etsy. I have emailed etsy headquarters in confusion a few times and they have politely emailed back explaining what to do . I know if only I had looked I would have been able to work out the problems, but stubborn old me won't read the fine print.In the last two weeks my Cuckoo Clock brooch on etsy has been viewed almost 800 times, and over 100 hearts have been added to the Betty Jo shop. Why is this so? Maybe a Treasury pick? Who knows. How do all these people manage to capture the screen shots of their work on the front page?
Once I saw Liana Kabel's knitwit bangle in a treasury, but by the time I'd let her know, it was gone from the front page. I did manage to get a wonky screen shot for her though. Which reminds me, thanks to Liana for my red bangle prize in her newsletter giveaway. I thought it would be great to give as a gift, but it feels so nice on I'm going to keep it!


  1. Now, that's one thing about Etsy I don't understand. The treasuries. I figure I'll eventually do some research. Maybe I'll be able to work out the screen shot thing too.

    I enjoyed your interview on the Mix Tape blog. That link you gave was pretty fascinating.

  2. I don't understand the treasury either....

    Etsy is wonderful but I have never really made much effort to sell there to be honest, so many products!

  3. hey there,
    to get the screen shot you need to do this... when you're on the page press the printscreen key on your keyboard. this copies it. then you need to open up whatever picture manager you use & paste it or you can also press the "v" key while holding down the "ctrl" key. from here you should be able to crop it etc.
    I hope this helps

  4. Thanks Kitty. I've got the screen shot pretty well sorted. Still wondering how one knows if they have been featured on an etsy treaury??

  5. thanks to kitty for the screen shot info...but where is the printscreen key on a keyboard?
    i now with etsy to be on showcase you have to put your name down and they charge you for the privlage and i think treasury could be the same...
    p.s will be mailing a little "pay it forward" pressie that i so hope will get to you for christmas...

  6. The treasury happens because someone (and I not too sure how you become a "someone" submits a list of things they like, catered towards a theme. Like buttons or blue or Blythe or felt. And then it appears, at now charge to you, on the front page if Etsy deems it good enough.

    Normally the person who did the treasurey would convo you and let you know that they included your item. I've always been convoed, but maybe I'm lucky!


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