Thursday, January 15, 2009

Knitting Nancy's

My 2 knitting Nancy's (top)and some very special items from the flickr pool Spool Knitter.
Having only two does not yet constitute a collection in my book. How many is a collection?
I truly don't have the room for another assembly of trinkets, so stop me if you see me about to acquire some more!


  1. I have my original knitting nancy from my younger years, but I spotted another at the oppy on Monday. It took all of my willpower not to take it home!

  2. They are lovely the old knitting nancy's. My daughter has a modern one. When she pulls it out I do like to take it off her and have a go.

  3. I think the saying goes: 'One is pretty, two is nicer and three is a collection'. So you're safe as long as you aren't tempted by another...

  4. Hi! ..... I am the admin for the spoolknitter group on Flickr and of course collector. What attracted me first of all was the many different vintage ones that have been made, in particular those from Germany and France.
    I also have a blog about the collection - -
    I would love it if you dropped by!

  5. Oh, Knitting Nancy... I remember her!


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